I would love to find myself one day saying...I have seen all 50 states.
So far I believe this is the total...

Yea I know, I don't get out much. 

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A few awesome memories:

Seeing the Space Shuttle on the launch pad as a kid at Cape Canaveral.
Seeing my Seahawks at Qwest Field ~ Loudest thing ever!
The super thunder storms of the mid-west.
Four-Corners... No not really...that was desolation.
SOCOM Headquarters in Tampa, sitting at the Admiral's conference chamber.
The underbelly of DisneyWorld ~ It is like a city under there.
Cornfields of Iowa.
Pizza on the campus of Ohio State at 1 AM.
Half Dome at sunset.
Two words: Ship Rock!
SHOT Show in Vegas...Now that is a good time!
BBQ'ing 400 lbs. of tri-tip in Coronado!
So overwhelmed by the Grand Canyon it looked fake.
Bridgeville, CA ~ The town with no people....scary!
Hopefully, many more to come!

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