2011 Celtic Faire

Best turnout I have seen at the Sonora Celtic Faire. Maybe it was the incredible weather. Jousting was semi-good, but the Harps was flowing and soon I didn't care about nothing but hanging out with great friends.

Halloween 2010

A great year for Halloween. The local All Hallow's Faire was wet but full of fun. Shy worked wonders and pulled off an amazing costume that was hands down one of the best at the faire. We had a few great rounds of costumed fun full of creepy and vampy. Looking back, one of my favorite Halloweens in recent history.

Blake's Play

My nephew was in a local play at his school. A traveling troop goes town to town teaching kids the arts. We had seats front row center to cheer him on. It was really great! He did such a great job. I was a very proud uncle. Amazing considering they had a week to learn it all.

Our Trip to Seattle

What can I was a dream vacation for me. To just jet up to the Pacific Northwest with people who rock, meet some great people who also rock and take in a Seahawk game all at the same time. Check a major one off the bucket list! Thank you to good friends who did everything in their power to make it amazing and memorable. It was a trip to my football holy grounds and I climbed every step to prove I deserved to be there.


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.  ~Scott Adams

My Lovely Wife

Simply the best decision I have ever made. My best friend! Would be lost without her.

My Mom and Pop

My daily reminders that genetics are extremely strong and incredible things. I see both of them everyday when I look in the mirror. 

The Dude!

 Watching him grow up has been a pleasure to experience.
I worry about him every moment while I know he is soaring out on his own.
The timid puppy cutting his own path in the tall grass with the big dogs.